KVCHI Process

"As creative director of KVCHI I promise never to finish. Never stop improving every piece you see in our collection."


Leather is armor. The most intimate article of clothing. It ages and grows with you. Designing at KVCHI is a sacred responsibility. A responsibility similar to an architect who holds the power of drafting and creating the environment we live in. An environment where we spend every moment of our lives.

Designing at KVCHI means accepting the responsibility of creating the most perfect leathers. Leathers that are never finished, constantly evolving. Leathers that don't force you to fit into specific sizes. Leathers that are cut, sewn and made to measure to fit your unique aesthetic.

Fashion is about the fit as much as it is about design. Getting the perfect fit involves a collaboration of every curve of the human body with the best materials at our disposal. A collaboration that does not harm the delicate and valuable environment and keeps the century old artisan leather crafting techniques alive.

Over the years it's been frustrating to watch the beautiful art of leather tanning exploited and diluted by techniques that practice chemically based leather treatments to decrease their manufacturing costs and increase margins. 

Our Leather Tanning Method

The KVCHI tanning process stays true to the century old natural artisan Vegetable Tanning process. Using natural oils and tools we build leathers that fit your skin like armor without destroying our precious environment.


Chrome Tanning

The most widely used leather tanning method. It is the most hazardous tanning method in the leather industry. The use of chromium in this method is a toxic carcinogenic process which is harmful to human and environmental health.

Aldehyde Tanning

Often advertised as a "chromium-free" alternative but through the use of formaldehyde this is also a chemical based practice that is not environmentally conscious.